Binance.US Affiliate

Earn rewards when you introduce your community to crypto. Get up to $1,000 for every referral. See program terms below.

How it works

Monetize your influence

Get paid to share your passion for crypto. Share Binance.US with your community to start earning.

Enjoy guaranteed payouts

Earn $10 when your referrals complete $100 in buys and/or trades within 30 days of completing account verification. Afterwards, get a 20% commission on fees from eligible buys and/or trades placed over the first six months of completing account signing up.

Maximize your earnings

Active users keep our platform healthy. We offer additional earning opportunities to top Affiliates who bring in more active traders.

How to get started

Sign up to become an Affiliate
Fill out the sign up form and apply in minutes. We’ll review your application and get in touch.
Promote to your community
Create and share tap-worthy content with your audience, including potential active traders and crypto enthusiasts. Include your unique affiliate link to start earning passive income.
Grow your influence
Onboarding is just the beginning. We offer special consultations to all Affiliates and special promotions to our top partners.

Frequently asked

What is the Binance.US Affiliate Program?
The Binance.US Affiliate Program is designed to reward content creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs for introducing crypto and Binance.US to their audiences and networks.
What are the requirements to become an Affiliate?
We are currently accepting applications from Affiliates with the following qualifications:
  • Runs a platform, account, or personal brand with a strong follower base, audience, or network.
  • Able to create and share quality content, in the form of social media posts, articles, videos, how-to tutorials, and more.
How do I become an Affiliate?
To become an Affiliate, click on the "Become an Affiliate" button above, then complete and submit the form. All applicants will receive a notification once their application is reviewed, regardless of whether their application is accepted. We aim to review incoming applications on a regular basis.
What rewards do Affiliates receive?
Affiliates earn $10 on every referral that completes their first $100 in buys and/or trades within 30 days of completing account verification. Afterwards, earn 20% commission on their trading fees for trades made over their first six months, calculated starting from the date of registration. Qualified buys and trades include orders placed on the Buy Crypto page and spot trading volume, on both the Binance.US website and mobile app.
How do Affiliates get paid?
Affiliates receive monthly payments in the form of U.S. Dollars (USD), deposited to the Affiliate’s preferred bank account or PayPal account. All payments are conducted via, a third party affiliate marketing platform.
What qualifies as a successful referral?
Successful referrals must create a Binance.US account and complete $100 or more in buys and/or trades within 30 days of completing account verification.
Is there a maximum limit on the number of referrals or Affiliate rewards?
There is no maximum number of referrals an Affiliates can claim. As part of the baseline terms, Affiliates can earn up to $1,000 per referral.
What platform does the Binance.US Affiliate Program use?
The Binance.US Affiliate Program is powered by, a third-party affiliate marketing platform.
Does the Binance.US Affiliate Program provide any tools or dashboards to track Affiliate performance and earnings?
Binance.US will provide affiliates with support on how to create effective content to attract active users. For more information, please contact for the Binance.US Affiliate Program Handbook.

* Affiliate Program Terms apply. Binance.US reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel the Affiliate Program at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

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