Binance.US Connect Crypto Payment Gateway

Take your crypto business to new heights with our secure and compliant fiat on-ramp.

Enable your users to buy & sell 150+ cryptocurrencies with our simple and FREE integration.

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Binance.US Connect powers crypto businesses from wallets and exchanges to NFT marketplaces and more.


Your Payment Gateway to 150+ Cryptocurrencies

Introduce your users to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, trending altcoins, and everything in-between — all with some of the lowest trading fees available anywhere.

Connect With Ease

Increase your revenue and allow your users to buy crypto with full regulatory compliance with Binance.US Connect.


Scale Your Business

Connect your platform and users to a fast-growing, trillion-dollar cryptocurrency market.


No Integration Fees

Binance.US Connect requires minimal setup and zero integration fees.


Dedicated Client Support

We give you the tools and support you need to get your integration up-and-running quickly, along with robust post-launch support.

One Simple Integration

Our flexible SDK allows you to launch a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp quickly and easily.

fh = open("mbox-short.txt")
# The 'mbox-short.txt' file can be downloaded from the link:
sum = 0
count = 0
for fx in fh:
fx = fx.rstrip()
if not fx.startswith("X-DSPAM-Confidence:"):
count = 0
#That’s it. Enjoy!

Secure And Compliant

Our industry-leading KYC foundation allows you to access millions of users right away while maintaining full regulatory compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you support?
We support debit cards and Apple Pay. We are continuously adding new payment methods to offer choice to our consumers.
Which cryptocurrencies do you support?
We support 150+ cryptocurrencies (List of supported tokens)
Who are your partners?
Trust Wallet (60M users), and several others in pipeline
I’m a partner, how do I apply for crypto on-ramp services?
  • Sign up here and get your client ID.
  • Use our SDK to integrate the Binance.US on-ramp with less than a day of integration.
Will this work only in the US or for my global users?
We only support US customers, however, we would direct you enable Binance Connect via for customers outside of the US.
Who will handle fraud claims or customer support?
Binance.US will handle fraud and customer support.
What is on your product roadmap?
  • Multiple “sources of funds” - ACH, alternative payment methods
  • Off ramp functionality
  • Customized Partner service fees
  • SDK/widget for easy partner integration
  • Dedicated partner platform