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Gift wrap your crypto and send it to friends and family. Whether you’re sending some last-minute gifts or surprising a loved one, build your free Crypto Box today.

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How it works

Send, receive, and gift crypto instantly with zero fees

Crypto Box is the latest addition to Pay on Binance.US. Whether you want to send some crypto or put a bow on it, we've got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Binance.US Crypto Box?

Crypto Boxes are only available to Binance.US users who have set up an account and completed identity verification. If a non-user is sent a Crypto Box, they must sign up and complete verification to claim their gift.

How does the Binance.US Crypto Box work?

A Crypto Box works using the same underlying technology as Pay, allowing for near-instant transfers with zero fees. With Crypto Box, users simply select the crypto they would like to gift someone and enter the amount. Users can also choose to send crypto to a number of recipients at the same time. For example, users can gift $100 in Bitcoin to up to 100 of their friends or family members. Once they create the Crypto Box, they will receive a unique URL and a redemption code to share individually with friends and family. Users can choose to send an equal amount to each recipient or a randomized amount to each.

Will my Crypto Box Expire?

Crypto Boxes are valid for 48 hours after creation. If you have created a Crypto Box and there are unclaimed funds after this period, they will be returned to your wallet after 48 hours.

How do I create a Crypto Box?

To create a Crypto Box, open the Binance.US mobile app and tap the Crypto Box banner on the homepage. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to gift, how much you want to gift, and how many recipients you want to send the crypto box to. Tap Preview Box to review your gift, then Confirm Box to create your Crypto Box.

How do I share my Crypto Box?

Once you have created a Crypto Box, you can send the newly created Crypto Box redemption code using your messenger app, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. Simply drop the link on the platform of your choice and the box can be claimed.