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Sep 17

Launching tomorrow, Binance.US is a fast and secure digital asset marketplace, delivering the world’s leading digital asset trading technology, speed, and experience to everyday users in America. Ahead of registration, we’ve answered some of the questions you’ve been asking.

If you don’t read any further, take note:

  1. Trading Fees are Zero until November 1, 2019.

  2. Binance.US is rolling out to most states, but states not available upon launch are listed below.

  3. Everyone will be a new user of Binance.US. Please verify your account and deposit funds to be eligible to access trading.

Who will be available to register for an account at Binance.US at launch?

We are rolling out Binance.US gradually across America. At launch, new users with a valid government ID (driver’s license or passport) and social security number (SSN) will be able to register for Binance.US in most U.S. states, excluding the following states:

  • Alabama

  • Alaska

  • Connecticut

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Hawaii

  • Idaho

  • Louisiana

  • New York

  • North Carolina

  • Texas

  • Vermont

  • Washington

Although it is upsetting that we cannot offer Binance.US in the states where I grew up and earned my education at this time, please rest assured that this is just the beginning, and it is our mission to bring access to those of you in these states many of us call home.

Can my coins/tokens held at other trading venues or custody solutions be automatically transferred to Binance.US, or will I need to manually transfer them?

Binance.US is an independent entity. Therefore, any of your digital assets held by other trading venues or custody solutions will not automatically transfer to Binance.US.

You are permitted to deposit digital assets and/or fiat, depending on your account verification level, in accordance with the terms of our User Agreement. It will be an easy few clicks to deposit funds to your Binance.US wallet.

What are the trading fees on Binance.US?

Reducing the barriers to digital asset adoption is one of our goals. Other marketplaces charge users excess fees to pass operational costs to marketplace users. We aim to change this trend by using a straightforward fee schedule. For personal accounts, we offer a flat fee of 0.10% per trade. If you buy $100 of BTC, your fee will be $0.10.

However, standing by our values of reducing the barriers to digital asset adoption, we are lifting all fees for trading at launch — Zero Fees until November 1, 2019.

Corporate accounts will have an adjusted fee schedule given their trading volume.

Will U.S. customers be able to buy listed coins/tokens with USD, credit cards, or debit cards?

U.S. customers will be able to buy listed coins with USD through ACH or wire transfer methods. We will be exploring other options based on the demand of our users.

What can I do with my coins/tokens that are NOT listed on Binance.US?

All coins/tokens not yet listed on Binance.US can still be stored with other custodians in the custody method of your choice (ex. hot wallet, cold storage, etc.) and traded on other venues that have live order books in those pairs. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding coins that satisfy our Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework.

Will Binance.US customers be insured against theft, hacking, etc?

Binance.US takes security seriously. We prioritize customer protection and have measures dedicated to protecting customers from theft and hacking.

Will trades on Binance.US be separate from

Yes. Binance.US is a separate company, operated by BAM Trading Services. Your digital assets will be stored in Binance.US wallets.

What happens once registration opens on September 18 at 8am ET?

We will be accepting inbound transfers of BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, USDT, and USD upon appropriate account verification starting tomorrow. We will accept deposits prior to enabling full trading and will be updating you when liquidity conditions are met allowing for trading to begin on set pairs. Trading on the order books will commence once a sufficient supply of these coins is established on the platform to allow for healthy markets. Support for additional jurisdictions and listings may be added at a later date.

See you bright and early Wednesday morning!

- C. Coley

CEO, Binance.US