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Nov 18

Join a select group of volunteers who are passionate about Binance.US, crypto, and blockchain, and help spread Financial Freedom for everyone across the US!

As a Binance.US Angel, you're the key to the growth of our online and offline community. Whether you're a social butterfly, a crypto-savvy developer, an event guru, or simply enjoy connecting with others online, there's bound to be something that allows you to shine! 

Learn more about the Angel Program in this 1-minute video.

Make the difference: Apply NOW to be a Binance.US Angel!

What do Angels do?

  1. ENGAGE: Maintain and moderate Binance.US Angel-led communities (Students: create a Binance.US community on your Campus!), as well as host meetups, run online campaigns, connect with the community, create content

  2. ADVOCATE: Be a recognized voice in your local circles, university, professional network, online groups

  3. EDUCATE & EMPOWER: Grow, educate and empower Binance.US user communities, protect and assist users with their conundrums

  4. FEEDBACK & INSIGHT: Help the Binance.US team stay up-to-date with market movements and relevant industry changes, and beta-test and give feedback on upcoming features and products before they get released

  5. BE UNIQUE: Support Binance.US communities in your own unique way.

What’s required to become a Binance.US Angel?

  1. Binance.US account (with complete KYC identity verification)

  2. Blockchain and crypto-focused mindset

  3. Passion for helping, educating and keeping users safe

  4. Problem-solving and team-working abilities

  5. Community management skills

  6. Willingness to expand your professional skills and industry knowledge

What are the benefits of becoming an Angel?

  1. ACCESS: Privileged 24/7 access to Binance.US team members and network of industry professionals

  2. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Top-notch product & industry free training and mentorship directly from the team

  3. EXCLUSIVE MERCH: Limited edition luxury Angel swag

  4. SHAPE OUR PRODUCT: Fast-track way to report your suggestions and feedback 

  5. NETWORKING: Free access to selected Binance.US events as our privileged guest

We look forward to meeting and welcoming you into the Binance.US Angel family. If you have any questions, reach out to us on Twitter: @BinanceAngels!

Apply now to be a Binance.US Angel!