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Feb 25
Binance.US Launches ZIL Promotion for Limited Time

Fellow Binancians, 

To celebrate the listing of the ZIL/USD and ZIL/BUSD trading pairs, Binance.US invites all users to participate in a welcome promotion.

The promotion will run from February 26th at 9:00 AM EST to March 4th at 9:00 AM (EST) and will consist of two opportunities to earn rewards:

Promotion A: Invite your friends to earn crypto!

  • All Binance.US registered users who invite their friends to trade on Binance.US  will receive rewards based on the number of qualified invitees. To become a qualified invitee, invitees must (i) sign up during the promotion period, and (ii) purchase at least 100 USD equivalent of ZIL within three (3) days after signup.

  • Invitee Amount Ranking

    Reward Amount


    1,000 USD in BNB

    2nd - 5th

    500 USD in BNB

    6th - 20th

    100 USD in BNB

    20th - 50th

    50 USD in BNB

    Remaining Participants

    10 USD in BNB

Promotion B: Hold ZIL to Receive a 2% BNB Reward over the period

  • All users with net deposits (deposits or buy minus withdrawals or sell) of at least 100 USD of ZIL on Binance.US during the promotion period will automatically earn a 2% BNB rewards on ZIL net deposit amounts over this period. Users can receive up to 200 USD equivalent in BNB rewards.

  • A total of 30,000 USD in BNB rewards will be distributed  to users that hold ZIL, based on their net deposit amounts during the promotion period.

Terms & Conditions

  • Inviters will be paid only if invitees sign up through the inviters referral links

  • For the purpose of this promotion, 1 BNB will equal 20 USD 

  • The 2% BNB reward calculation formula is the 7-day net deposit of ZIL * 2%

  • A maximum of $30,000 in BNB rewards will be distributed during this promotion. Binance.US will rank users based on their ZIL net deposit amounts over the period, and BNB rewards will be distributed in that order. This promotion will end when one of the following events occurs; the stated promotion period ends or Binance.US distributes $30,000 in BNB rewards.

  • All ZIL rewards will be allocated to Binance.US Wallets within 14 business days after the promotion period. You will be able to login and see your rewards by selecting Account Center > Wallet > Distribution History

  • Anyone found taking part in fraud will be automatically disqualified from the promotion

  • Binance.US reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at our sole discretion

About Binance.US

Binance.US is a fast and efficient marketplace providing access and trading across a diverse selection of digital assets. We will continue evaluating coins, tokens and trading pairs to offer on Binance.US in accordance with our Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework, community feedback, and market demand.