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Mar 08

We are excited to introduce the all-new Binance.US referral program - you asked for it, and we built it for you. 

Starting Monday, March 9, 2020, invite the best traders to open a Binance.US account and earn up to 40% of the trading fees generated by your referred trader.
Bringing the best to Binance.US has its rewards.
Referral Program Details

To earn rewards on your referrals, users must pass Advanced Account Verification.
Users must then go to our Referral Program page to review the Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program and register to participate.  This program will replace the previous sign-up bonus and free month of trading promotion.

Reminder: The more BNB you HODL, the more trading fees you earn -- and save! 

  • A balance of more than 0 BNB: you will save you 25% on your own trading fees.

  • A balance < 500 BNB: you will earn 20% of your invitees’ fees when they trade. 

  • A balance = or > 500 BNB: you will earn 40% of your invitees’ fees when they trade. 

  • BNB is available to purchase directly with USD via our simple Buy Crypto page or you can trade in the markets with BUSD, USDT, USD, or BTC. 

Your BNB Balance and Base Referral Rate 
    < 500 BNB                       20% 
    ≥ 500 BNB                       40%

Check out more details on your Referral Program page

FAQ about New Binance.US Referral Program 

How do I refer someone to Binance.US? Where do I start? 

You can start earning up to 40% of your invitee's trading fees once you’ve passed advanced verification, provided all necessary personal information, reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions, and registered for the Referral Program. 

To start, go to your Referral Program page, which can be found under "Support" at the top - click on "Referral"

Or by going to your Dashboard under Wallet then Balance and then click on the gold button, Invite Friends. Earn Together.

From the Referral Program page, you will be prompted to complete advanced verification, provide all necessary personal information, reviewe and accept the terms and conditions, and register for the Referral Program. 

Where do I find my Referral Link and QR code? 
Go to your Referral Program page to find and share your link or QR code -- available also in the app or on the website. You can share your codes directly on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin from your referral page. Your Referral ID will be a number that starts with a 35_________. 

How are the referral rebates paid out? 

You will see your referral rebates from the $15 sign-up bonus next to the new referral rebates earnings on your Referral page. The new referral rebates will be paid out in the digital asset that your invitee traded. If you refer someone and they trade BTC, you will receive the % of their trading fee in BTC. The BTC will show up in your BTC wallet. The total rewards earned will show up on your Referral page. 

Can I earn on referrals if I don’t trade much? 

Once you have a Binance.US account, pass advanced verification, and register for the Referral Program, you are set to earn referral rewards. Find the best traders! If you hold less than 500 BNB, you will earn 20% of trading fees. To earn 40% of trading fees from invitees, you will need a balance equal to or greater than 500 BNB. 

If I refer someone and I have less than 500 BNB, what do I earn? 

If you pass advanced verification, you’ll earn 20% of the trading fees of the invitee. 

How do I purchase more BNB to earn 40% referral rebates? 

BNB is available to purchase directly with USD via our simple Buy Crypto page or you can trade in the markets with BUSD, USDT, USD, or BTC. 
Holding more than 0 BNB means you’ll save 25% on your own trading fees, too. 

Can corporate accounts be eligible for the referral rebates? 

Currently, the Binance.US referral rebates are available for personal account holders only, not corporate accounts or entities. 

What if I do not live in one of the states where Binance.US operates, can I still earn referral rebates? 

Currently, the new referral program is only available for those who set up an account and pass advanced verification, which requires proof of address from one of the 37 states we operate in currently. 
Quick check: Which states are available to access Binance.US? Binance.US is working on expanding its operations to more states to increase access to digital assets across America. 

Binance.US is not available in my state, will I get the same rewards when it goes live in my state? 

We are working on opening business in the remaining states and when we do we will be sure to welcome new traders with open arms and a fair reward for your patience while we work on obtaining the required licenses to operate in each state. 

If I already referred someone, will I also get their trading fees going forward? 

If you already signed someone up, you will not receive additional rewards in the new program. If you already earned $15 for referring someone, you’ll see your Total Referrals Bonus balance from the previous referral rewards next to the new Total Referral Fees. 

As of March 9th, you will no longer receive $15 for each referral, and instead, you will be eligible to earn referral rebates, up to 40% on trading fees generated by invitees. 

Check out more details on your Referral Program page. Start earning! 

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