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Mar 20
How to join Binance.US Referral Program in our app

Ready to start earning with our new Referral Program?

As of March 9, 2020, traders who have completed advanced verification will be eligible to earn up to 40% of the trading fees generated by new traders who sign up using your referral link.

For more information, please see the New Referral Program Details.

Getting started is easy! Simply:

   1. Complete Advanced Account Verification

   2. Review and accept the terms and conditions

   3. Share your referral link or QR code with others

This program will replace our previous promotion involving the $15 sign-up bonus/free month of trading. 

How to start earning with Referrals in Binance.US app 

1. Login to app. Click on your profile - top right.   

2. Click on Referral ID.

3. Go through the easy sign-up. 

4. Select the promotion channels that you plan on sharing Binance.US - more the merrier! 

5. Read through our Referral Agreement and scroll to read the Code of Conduct. 

6. Agree to terms and you’ll start earning 20% of the trading fees generated by new traders who sign up using your referral link or QR code. 

Your Total Referral Bonus shows the total bonuses you earned through our Legacy Referral Program prior to March 9, 2020. 

Your Referral Rate is the % of trading fees that you will earn from the fees generated by people you refer to Binance.US, through our new Referral Program that started March 9, 2020. 

All Referral IDs for Binance.US will start with a 35_ _ _ _ _ _ and can always be found in your profile on the app and shared with others through your link or QR code - on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. 

Want to boost your referral rate from 20% to 40%?

The referral rate you receive depends on the amount of BNB you hold. Traders holding less than 500 BNB will receive 20% of the trading fees generated by new referrals while those with more than 500 BNB will receive 40%.

Your BNB Balance and Base Referral Rate 

    < 500 BNB                       20% 

    ≥ 500 BNB                       40%

BNB is available for purchase with USD via our Buy Crypto page or it can be traded in our markets with BUSD, USDT, USD, or BTC. 

All traders holding BNB will continue to receive a 25% discount on their own trading fees.

Links to get started and help you promote your Referral link: 

Here are all the links you need to sign up for the Binance.US Referral Program:



Still need help? Please submit a support ticket or send a direct message via Twitter.

Share your Binance.US referral codes with the best traders and earn when they start trading with our new Referral Program! 

Happy earning! 
Binance.US Team