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Mar 26
Binance.US Partners with Brave Browser

We are thrilled to share that Brave has partnered with Binance to bring in-browser crypto trading to its 13 million users - making it easy to Buy Crypto on Binance.US from your browser.

Brave Software offers an innovative web browser that features built-in adblockers, privacy-by-design, and a blockchain-based digital advertising platform -- and now an easy way to Buy Crypto from your browser homepage. Users of Brave can earn BAT (Basic Attention Token), which is available to trade on Binance.US. 
1. Download Brave Browser: 
To try the widget out for yourself, download Brave’s Nightly desktop version and the Binance widget will be enabled by default.
Brave Nightly on MacOS only Available March 24: 
Brave Available April 28: 

2. Start Here: 

The widget was developed as a collaboration between Brave Software and the Binance Ecosystem, offering access to Binance.US

Binance.US users will be able to make a purchase of up to $10,000 of crypto through the widget from your Binance.US account with a minimum purchase amount of $20. 

3. Buy Crypto on Binance.US

Clicking on the widget in your Brave browser will send you to your Buy Crypto page on Binance.US.

You can track your crypto in your Binance.US dashboard. Brave makes it easy to Buy Crypto directly from your browser with Binance.US! 
To learn about setting up a Binance.US account, start here. 

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