Our approach to compliance
BAM Trading Services, Inc. (dba Binance.US) is a licensed and regulated U.S. crypto exchange committed to serving customers with integrity, in accordance with U.S. rules and regulations.
Doing right by customers
As a FinCEN-registered Money Services Business (MSB), Binance.US actively maintains rigorous Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies and controls in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). Our world-class compliance program facilitates a secure customer onboarding experience with strict procedures that monitor, detect, and prevent fraudulent activity.
KYC & sanctions screenings
Comprehensive due diligence procedures enable Binance.US to screen, identify, and validate all customers before trading access is granted, as required by U.S. regulations.
Know Your Customer (KYC) controls
Binance.US maintains KYC screening controls on par with the nation’s leading financial institutions. As part of our Customer Identification Program (CIP), we perform enhanced due diligence on customers based on our risk rating methodologies and reviews.
Sanctions screenings
Binance.US complies with all U.S. sanctions laws, utilizing end-to-end technologies and analytics to screen KYC data against global and local sanctions watchlists , as well as perform Negative News and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) screenings.
Know Your Business (KYB) controls
Business verification is an essential part of our institutional onboarding process. Our KYB controls ensure all institutional clients and individuals doing business with Binance.US are thoroughly screened to protect our customers and prevent fraud. 
Transaction monitoring & testing
Ongoing transaction data and activity monitoring is performed using a risk-based approach, to detect and prevent illegal and fraudulent activities on our platform.
Transaction monitoring systems
For additional protection, real-time monitoring is performed throughout the lifetime of customer accounts. Binance.US leverages industry-leading transaction and blockchain monitoring solutions to effectively manage transaction and user risk.  
Anti-money laundering (AML) tools
Binance.US integrates leading AML technology solutions to detect and prevent suspicious activities. By deploying both human and artificial intelligence, our dual-layered approach helps ensure the highest level of AML compliance.
Combating financial crimes
Our Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) partners with top blockchain analytics firms to detect fraud and illicit activity. Additionally, we work with local law enforcement and government agencies to investigate crypto-related activity and potential crimes

Strong governance & accountability

As a U.S.-based business, ensuring we are fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulation factors into every decision we make, from our internal senior leadership, compliance, and risk teams to our independent Board of Directors.

Comprehensive audits & reviews
Our BSA/AML program is subject to formal and regular reviews by banking partners, U.S. state regulators and examiners, and an independent, certified auditor. Furthermore, we perform internal risk and quality assurance assessments by function, as well as ongoing quality control reviews for major processes.
Compliance comes first
Our Board of Directors is committed to maintaining a strong compliance program and posture. Our BSA/AML enterprise policy and key BSA/AML roles undergo board approval, and Directors are regularly briefed on compliance program initiatives and activities. 
Engaged senior leadership team
The senior leadership team at Binance.US actively participates in our BSA/AML Risk Committee, which convenes monthly. The Risk Committee reviews and approves certain internal policies, advises on processes and organizational impact, and addresses matters requiring escalation and management oversight.
Training & awareness
To ensure organizational compliance, every Binance.US employee is required to meet strict compliance and ethics standards.
BSA/AML compliance training
Employees are required to undergo and complete BSA/AML & sanctions compliance training during the onboarding process as a new hire and on an annual basis thereafter. Role-based training is also required for Compliance and select support functions, such as onboarding operations.
Employee ethics & integrity
To uphold the highest standards for global compliance, all Binance.US employees are required to follow Binance.US’ Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Insider Trading Policy, and Anti-Corruption Policy. 
Whistleblower policy
Binance.US encourages and expects employees to report activities that violate any country, federal, state, or local laws. Confidential channels administered by an independent company allow employees to raise questions, concerns, and suggestions without fear of retaliation. 

World-class partnerships & technologies

Our comprehensive BSA/AML compliance program leverages world-class technologies across multiple verticals to maintain a secure end-to-end customer experience.

Know Your Customer (KYC)
Sanctions, PEP, and negative news
Transaction monitoring
Blockchain monitoring
Travel rule consortium
Trade & fraud surveillance

Compliance posture testimonials

“Binance.US is committed to maintaining a best-in-class compliance program committed to detecting, preventing, and defending against any and all financial crimes. This program is essential for protecting our customers, our company, and the broader U.S. and global financial system.”
Dan Wong
General Counsel
“Integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct serve as not only the cornerstones of our BSA compliance program — but also as compulsory standards for each and every Binance.US employee. We are collectively and individually committed to continuous improvement, in order to detect and respond to emerging and evolving threats.”
Lesley O’Neill
Chief Compliance Officer
“We strive to cultivate a secure environment to safeguard the interests of our customers and maintain a secure trading platform. We recognize how essential it is for customers to be able to participate in the crypto economy with ease and peace of mind.”
Vincent Bonkowski
BSA/AML Officer
Policies, frameworks & licenses
Bringing confidence to crypto
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