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Claim your crypto domain to easily transfer crypto on Binance.US. Search for personalized blockchain domain names before they’re gone.
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Crypto domain names make sending and receiving crypto as simple as visiting your favorite website. Replace long and complicated wallet addresses on Binance.US with the perfect crypto domain.

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Search thousands of crypto domains and find the right one for you by downloading the Binance.US app. Choose from rare and exclusive names and phrases, including two-letter crypto domains, to help you stand out.
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Enjoy transparent pricing and affordable premium domains that begin at just 10 USDT. Coveted domains that are shorter and more memorable may be subject to special tiered pricing.

Transfer Crypto Across Multiple Blockchain Networks

With support for 24 blockchain networks and counting, your crypto domain can serve as a universal address for sending and receiving crypto.

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What are Crypto Domains?

Domains replace wallet addresses with a short and easy to remember name.

Easily Transfer Crypto

Domains are linked to Binance.US wallet addresses, making sending and receiving crypto simple.

Enjoy Multi-chain Support

Domains are compatible with 50+ cryptocurrencies on Binance.US.

Affordable Crypto Domains

Domains start at just 10 USDT and never expire, so you can own yours for life.
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