Your crypto is in safe hands
We know that trust is built over every trade and transaction. Explore our robust security controls and safety measures designed to keep your funds protected.
What makes Binance.US different
Peace of mind is critical when it comes to your crypto. That’s why our platform is built from the ground up with safety and security in mind.
1:1 backed, full reserve platform
We maintain 1:1 reserves for all customer assets, so your funds are always safe, secure, and available. We do not lend or trade your assets without your permission.
Federal & State Licensed Exchange
As a fully regulated U.S. crypto exchange, Binance.US is registered with FinCEN and holds multiple money transmitter licenses that require rigorous examinations of its internal controls, security, compliance, and risk programs.
99.99% uptime for every customer
With our leading infrastructure and innovative technology stack, we consistently deliver 99.99% uptime across all platforms — from our website and API to our iOS, Android, and Apple Watch apps.
Secure digital asset storage
All customer assets are securely stored in U.S.-based storage facilities. Most assets are kept offline in cold wallets while a small percentage remains in circulation, secured by industry-leading hot wallet security, to support our customers’ daily transactions.
Certified security & privacy controls
Binance.US continues to meet SOC 2 and ISO exam requirements, which are voluntary certifications of strict controls to ensure the security, confidentiality, processing integrity, availability, and privacy of all customer data on our platform.
Real-time monitoring for added protection
Our real-time risk management system monitors every withdrawal and deposit attempt, 2FA or password reset, and phone number, email, or device change. If it looks suspicious, we’ll automatically suspend withdrawals for up to 120 hours.
Proven security measures, independently validated by leading authorities
Our security program features world-class security controls that are verified by industry experts and third-party assessors — and validated through routine penetration testing conducted by external security firms.
We maintain the highest standards for data privacy and information security, as independently validated by our ISO/IEC 27701:2022 and 27001:2013 accreditation.
To ensure our security program meets or exceeds international standards for security and compliance, Binance.US has successfully completed its SOC 2 exam.

Powerful security features to protect your assets

We implement strict security controls and features designed to keep customer accounts and assets secure.

API key permissions

When connecting to third-party platforms via API, use our permissions feature to set the minimum level of access required for the platform to perform its task.

Anti-phishing code

To help verify that the email communications you are receiving are authentic, set a unique anti-phishing code that appears on the top of all inbound email communications from Binance.US.

Crypto withdrawal whitelisting

To help prevent unauthorized crypto withdrawals, customers can create and save a shortlist of approved crypto wallet addresses for withdrawals.

Data privacy controls

To protect your personal information and help prevent unauthorized access, customer data is encrypted and masked both in storage and in transit.

Real-time support

All customers can use our live chat feature to speak with a virtual agent, browse helpful self service topics, or connect with live support agents.

Proactive security monitoring

Analysts monitor news, intelligence feeds, and the dark web for evidence of third-party data breaches that may impact Binance.US customers who use shared login credentials or passwords.

Self-service account lock

Customers who encounter suspicious account activity or lose access to their phone or laptop can protect their funds by disabling their Binance.US account.

Two-factor authentication

To provide an extra layer of account security, all customers are required to add two-factor authentication (2FA), such as an app-based or SMS authentication method.
Our promise to you
When you entrust us with your money, we take it seriously. Binance.US is a highly regulated, full-reserve platform that securely holds all customer assets on a 1:1 basis. We leverage battle-tested technology and proven security measures to help millions of customers access the crypto economy with confidence.

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