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Grow your crypto and
earn up to % APY

Earn rewards on your crypto with staking on Binance.US. Maximize your returns by compounding your staking rewards.

Crypto Staking



4.90% APY



2.70% APY



4.30% APY



6.80% APY



2.20% APY



10.00% APY



15.00% APY



7.30% APY



6.00% APY



10.50% APY


NEAR Protocol

7.00% APY



7.20% APY



3.50% APY


The Graph

4.60% APY



7.00% APY


Oasis Network

4.70% APY



6.30% APY



5.10% APY



13.10% APY



10.90% APY


7.30% APY



8.70% APY



5.00% APY


Band Protocol

12.10% APY



7.00% APY



5.50% APY

How Staking Works

Staking Made Simple

We make staking simple. Choose which crypto you’d like to stake, how much of it, and we’ll do the rest.

Flexible Staking

You're in control of your stake. Adjust how much you want to stake or request to unstake when you want.

Higher Rewards

Enjoy some of the best APYs on the market. We’re working to bring you even more staking options to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is staking?

Cryptocurrency staking allows you to earn passive income on your existing cryptocurrency holdings. Like the name suggests, cryptocurrency staking is typically, but not always, available on assets that use the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

Here’s how it works: When you stake crypto, you commit your assets toward securing the asset’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network. As long as your assets remain staked, they’re used to verify transactions on the network, facilitate decentralized governance, and improve the network’s resilience. To incentivize staking, the network generates rewards through newly created block rewards and/or transaction fees collected from circulating assets.

Independent cryptocurrency staking can be a daunting process for most individuals. In addition to meeting hardware requirements that may vary from asset to asset, users may also need to install and run their own nodes. That’s where Binance.US Staking comes in. With a user-friendly interface and industry-leading uptime across nodes, Staking is the destination of choice for customers looking to earn rewards on their assets.

2. How does staking work on Binance.US Staking?

Binance.US Staking simplifies the staking process to a few clicks, allowing customers to easily, securely, and conveniently stake and earn passive income on their cryptocurrency holdings.

Enjoy peace of mind when you stake, using funds that would otherwise be sitting in your Binance.US Wallet. Choose from a growing selection of supported Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies, featuring some of the best APYs on the market.

3. Who can stake on Binance.US Staking?

Binance.US Staking is available to all Binance.US customers who have completed intermediate identity verification (ID verification and Proof-of-Address).

4. When will I receive my staking rewards?

Access your accrued staking rewards at any time with staking on Binance.US Staking. Once your assets are staked, you’ll begin to earn staking rewards at a steady rate, based on our published APY estimates. All rewards are calculated daily and distributed on a weekly basis.

Withdraw your accrued staking rewards immediately or use our Auto-Restake feature to further increase your returns by “re-staking” your staking rewards instantly after every weekly distribution.

Note: While your staking rewards will be distributed according to the schedule you agree to upon staking, you can only trade or withdraw your full or partial principal staked assets once 1) you unstake and 2) the unstaking process is complete, which may vary depending on the network.

5. How do I unstake my crypto?

You can unstake most supported assets at any time, with the exception of Ethereum (ETH) staking. You can only access or withdraw your staked assets once the unstaking process is complete. The unstaking period refers to the time taken for assets to unbond, which may vary depending on the network. Customers will not be eligible to earn staking rewards during the unstaking period.

To unstake, visit your Staked Balances. Click on the asset you would like to unstake and select Unstake. Enter the amount you’d like to unstake and click Unstake, then review and click Confirm.

For information specific to Ethereum staking, consult the entry titled 'How does Ethereum (ETH) staking work?'.

6. Are there any fees associated with Binance.US Staking?

Published APY rates are estimates that are calculated based on the average staking rewards accrued over the past 90 days. Actual on-chain staking APYs may vary depending on the staked asset total supply, network demand, or in some circumstances, proposed protocol changes voted in by the community.

Binance.US takes a small commission in exchange for facilitating all technical staking requirements, while striving to offer class-leading APYs for all supported cryptocurrencies on Binance.US Staking.

Disclaimer: Staking rewards are not guaranteed and are subject to change at any time and in the sole absolute discretion of Binance.US. For more information, please see the Staking Services section of our Terms of Use.

7. Can my staked BNB be used to pay for trading fees?

Staked BNB funds cannot be used to pay for trading fees at this time. If you would like to qualify for the 25% fee discount when you use BNB to pay for fees, you must maintain an available BNB balance.

8. How does Ethereum (ETH) staking work?

When you stake ETH on Binance.US, we initiate the staking process on your behalf and pass the rewards on to you. Unlike most staking assets on Binance.US, you will not be able to access, use, or withdraw your ETH until the network’s transition to PoS is complete, and a subsequent major upgrade referred to as the ‘Shanghai upgrade’ has taken place.

Binance.US has no influence or control over the risks associated with the Ethereum Merge or subsequent Shanghai upgrade. There is no guarantee that there will ever be a successful completion date of the transition to PoS. If the network upgrade ultimately fails, you may lose all, or a portion of, your staked ETH.

Like all assets on Binance.US Staking, staking rewards are not guaranteed and are subject to change at any time and in the sole absolute discretion of Binance.US.

Earn on the Go

Staking is also available on your tablet and mobile device. Download the Binance.US app below now.