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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pay and how does it work?

Pay is a peer-to-peer payment feature that allows Binance.US customers to send and receive crypto from other Binance.US users. Pay transactions feature zero transaction fees and settle instantly, no matter what cryptocurrency you transact with. The feature is free to use with no fees.

Who can use Pay?

Any Binance.US mobile app user who has verified their identity can use the Pay feature on Binance.US. Currently, Pay is only available on the Binance.US mobile app. We are also preparing to introduce a web version of Pay, which will arrive in the near future.

How do I get started using Pay?

If you are a first-time Pay user, you will be prompted to set up a PIN in order to proceed with a send or request. Alternatively, you can set up a PIN by navigating to your settings by clicking the profile icon on the top left of your page and selecting Security. Set up your PIN and make sure you have your profile set to discoverable so that other Binance.US users can find your profile and send you crypto using Pay. Once set up, you can begin using Pay by clicking Buy, Sell & Convert in the Binance.US mobile app and selecting Send & Request.

How do I send a request for crypto?

Pay makes it easy to request crypto directly from the Binance.US mobile app. To send a request, click the Buy, Sell & Convert button on the Binance.US home screen and select Send & Request. Select the asset you want to request, specify an amount and choose the recipient and simply click Request. Users can also make requests by using their unique QR codes on the Request page. Simply click the QR button and share it in person or via any messaging service.

Is there a limit to how much crypto I can request?

Customers can request crypto from other users a maximum of 10 times in any 24 hour period.

Can I send my staked assets?

No. Staked assets cannot be sent using Pay on Binance.US. Users looking to send staked assets will need to go through the unstaking process, outlined here, before sending crypto that has been previously staked.

Is there a limit to how much crypto I can receive?

Customers are able to receive up to $1 million in cryptocurrency per 24 hour period.

How do I send a payment using Pay?

Pay makes it easy to send crypto directly from the Binance.US mobile app. To initiate a send, click the Buy, Sell & Convert button on the Binance.US home screen and select Send & Request. Select the asset you want to send, specify the amount, and choose the recipient. You will be asked to review a safety warning. Once reviewed, select Continue. Input the amount you would like to request and click Send. You will be asked to enter your PIN before completing the payment.

Is there a limit to how much crypto I can send?

Customers are allowed to send their entire available balance up to $1 million. No more than 50 sends can be completed in a 24 hour period.

How long does it take to send and receive crypto once a transaction request has been initiated?

Transfers are instant when using Pay on Binance.US. The amount of time it takes for the recipient to pay for the request will be at their discretion. Once they pay for the request, the funds will appear instantly in the requester's account and be subtracted from the sender’s account.

How do I accept a payment request from someone?

Binance.US users who receive a transaction request can approve as quickly as they would like from their Pay Requests & History page. Tapping Requests will display a list of requests that can be accepted by clicking Pay. For more detailed instructions on how to accept a payment using Pay, check out our dedicated guide.

Can I cancel my request for crypto?

You can manage your requests from the Pay Requests & History page on your Binance.US app. Tap Requests and select the request you would like to cancel and click the Cancel button. If you would like to reject an incoming request, click the Reject button on the Pay Requests & History page.

What should I do if I accidentally paid the wrong person?

We recommend that users always double check recipient information, coin, and the amount they are sending before proceeding with a payment. All payments are final when using Pay on Binance.US, so we highly encourage all users to only send Pay requests to their contacts or people they know.

Are there any fees to send and receive crypto using Pay?

Pay is a free service included in the Binance.US mobile application. Users are able to use Pay to transfer crypto between other Binance.US users with ZERO FEES.

How do I manage payment requests using Pay?

Payment requests can be managed by selecting Wallet and then Pay Request & History. On the Pay Requests & History page, navigate to the Requests tab. From the list of requests on this page, users can choose between incoming requests, like Pay or Reject or outgoing requests, like Cancel or Remind. To view transfer details such as status, date, amount, and token, tap the History tab and select a transaction. You can also filter by transaction type, time, and token type on this page. Payments should only be accepted from people inside of your network. Always report any suspicious activity to our Customer Service team.